Cat Albano is from Louisiana and was born in 1996. Her novels are sci-fi and fantasy with characters you can love and dialogue you can almost hear, while her short stories embrace realism and a love for her native state. She is currently editing her science fiction novel, Firebelly, an 90,000 word story about a young mechanic who must protect her loved ones when her hometown is invaded.

Novels & Stories


Invaders have arrived with their high-tech weapons, and mechanic En Etspring is the only person in her small desert town with the skills to upkeep their dehydration guns. Now En can only keep her family safe by working with the enemy. Multiple people around town begin to go missing, including her almost-beau, and En doesn’t know if they’ve escaped the tyranny or if they’ve been turned into piles of dust by the guns that she herself maintained. For En, even escaping town is not the same thing as escaping the consequences.

Ballad of the Sea and Sand

Written for a friend's birthday under a pen name, this small novella is about a vampire princess falling in love with a rugged fairy despite the interspecies tension. The lively cast includes a shy but passionate fairy, a playful and powerful mermaid, a fierce burgeoning lesbian werewolf, and several lords with less than innocent intentions...

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Tall Ceilings, Painted Blue

A put-together young woman in suburban Louisiana finds herself heartbroken and searching for a way to tell her friends and family her scandalous secret. This short story showcases the warmer side of Louisiana culture with so much flavor, it's basically coated in Tony Chachere's. Finalist in the 2017 William Faulkner – William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition.

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